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CloudMeetingRooms™ Terms & Conditions of Use

This Agreement is between Cloud Officing Corporation and™ (hereafter referred to as ‘CloudMeetingRooms) and the client (hereafter “Client”) who purchased Office, Meeting Room or Conference Rooms by the hour, day, or through CloudTouchdown credits and/or any additional services as provided by CloudMeetingRooms or its partners and affiliates. Client is either the individual purchaser and user of meeting room space and services or an organization such as a corporation, both agree to accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. USE

    1. CloudMeetingRooms provides access to Day Offices, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms and additional complimentary services by the hour or by the day through its Partner and Affiliate relationships. Use of any space will be subject to: 1) availability, 2) Client being in good standing with CloudMeetingRooms and having provided a valid credit card, and 3) Client being in agreement and compliance with these Terms and Conditions and any reasonable building and location rules and regulations as may be imposed by™ partner.
    2. CloudMeetingRoom Rates: Pricing for meeting room rates can be found on the website. Rates are in US currency and invoiced in full hour increments, any use will be charged a minimum of one full hour and overage in full hour increments. Additional services fees are also indicated on the site. Any special requests such as catering services, parking, courier fees etc, are variable and inquiries regarding these should be made to

    1. CloudMeetingRooms’ cancellation policy is such that any booking cancelled prior to 48 hours from the commencement time of the booking will be fully refunded less a $4.99 booking fee. Cancellations in less than 48 hours or a ‘no show’ will not be refunded
    2. Cancellation requests must be made either online via the website or through written communication, responded to, in writing, as received, by CloudMeetingRooms staff. Email communication must be sent to
  3. USE

    1. Client agrees, through acceptance of these Terms and Conditions that any and all use of CloudMeeetingRooms partner and affiliate space will be done for legitimate business purposes only. Client shall not conduct any activity on the premises which is forbidden by law, hazardous, or may invalidate or increase the premium of any insurance policy carried by the location operator. Client shall not conduct any activity which impairs the character, quiet enjoyment, reputation, appearance or operation of the business. Client agrees to strictly adhere to the reasonable rules and regulations, as may change from time to time, as mandated by the partner location. Client is further responsible to ensure that he/she, and any Client personnel and guests conduct themselves in a business-like and professional manner at all times. CloudMeetingRooms may immediately terminate use, if Client, its employee or guests use vulgar language or demonstrates aggressive behavior directed toward any partner’s staff or takes action to disrupt the business environment of the Center. Client must be present in any and ALL meetings when credits are used.
    2. Client will not deface or alter the meeting space, furniture, walls etc., in any way. Client will leave the meeting space in the same condition as which it was found, and additional charges will be applied and charged to Clients’ account for any damage to the space, furniture or facilities.
    3. Scheduling for Meeting Rooms will be done through the Web Sites online reservation system on a first-come, first served basis in one (1) hour minimum increments, unless indicated otherwise on the Web Sites. Be advised that on occasion, some rooms have minimum booking requirements of more than one hour; Client will be prompted when booking of this situation.
    4. Access to hourly meeting room usage does not give Client the right to use the address of CloudMeetingRooms locations on any of Client’s marketing materials including: website, business cards or stationary or receive mail at any CloudMeetingRooms location. Deliveries specific to the meeting may be made with advanced notice. Contact CloudMeetingRooms staff at to make arrangements.

    Client may be allowed to utilize additional services within the Center and will be invoiced and charged accordingly. Additional services include, but are not limited to: pay-per-use services such as copying, faxing, postage, overnight delivery, catering, parking validations, and beverages. These services will be itemized on Client’s invoice and charged as they are incurred and will include applicable taxes.


    1. Payment for use will be made, via credit card, at time of booking. If Client cancels the booking with more than 48 hours’ notice, CloudMeetingRooms will refund the credit card the full amount of the booking less a $4.99 booking fee.
    2. Payment for “Additional Services” as described in both Sections 1.2 and Section 4 or for damage or maintenance costs as detailed in Section 3.2 will be invoiced and charged to the Client’s credit card used to book the meeting room space. Client has 15 days from invoice date to dispute any charges.

    Client agrees that CloudMeetingRooms is to be free from all liability for claims for damages by reason of injury to any person or loss or damage to any property from any cause while in, upon or in any way connected with the facilities. Client agrees to hold CloudMeetingRooms harmless from all liability, loss, cost or obligations on account of, or rising out of any such injuries or losses, however occurring. Client further agrees that CloudMeetingRooms will not be liable for any loss sustained as a result of CloudMeetingRooms failure to provide a service as a result of a strike or a termination of partnership with a local day office and meeting room provider, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws. CLIENT EXPRESSLY AND SPECIFICALLY AGREES TO WAIVE AND NOT TO MAKE ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGES, DIRECT, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: LOST BUSINESS REVENUE OR PROFITS, FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING ANY FAILURE TO PROVIDE ANY SERVICE PROVIDED HEREUNDER.

  7. Customer Support:

    Written communication to is the best way to reach our staff. Out toll free number is 888.698.6334. CloudMeetingRooms staff are available Monday-Friday, holidays excluded from 5:30 am – 5:00 pm pacific time.