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This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to a Partner's participation in the CLOUDVO Partner Program, for listing on one or more of the following websites:,, and

As used in this Agreement, Cloud Officing Corp (hereinafter called "CLOUDVO") is the contracting party and "CLOUDVO CLIENT" is the individual or company utilizing services, under a short term, walk-in, or fixed-term basis, with PARTNER. "PARTNER" is the business entity providing contracted services to CLOUDVO. "Services" means the business address, meeting room and day office agreements 'virtual office' plans, and additional services or solutions sold for PARTNER by CLOUDVO.

  1. CLOUDVO will:
  1. CLOUDVO agrees to pay PARTNER for monthly mail, mail forwarding, conference or meeting room use, administrative services, supplies, and variable services ordered via email or in writing by CLOUDVO or its CLOUDVO CLIENTS at the rates and as detailed on the CLOUDVO service provider portal and uploaded by PARTNER.
  2. CLOUDVO agrees to provide PARTNER with a completed CMRA 1583 form with copies of identification for each CLOUDVO virtual office client. For the purpose of this agreement, virtual office clients are CLOUDVO CLIENTS who purchase mail and business address services provided by PARTNER.
  3. CLOUDVO agrees to list PARTNER's center location, photos and marketing information on the CLOUDVO websites and on other CLOUDVO marketing materials without charge to PARTNER as a way to advertise the PARTNER's location. In addition, CLOUDVO will make available to PARTNER digital collateral with PARTNER's specific logo to advertise PARTNER's inclusion in CloudTouchdown global network.
  4. CLOUDVO agrees to provide PARTNER with appropriate set up information indicating CLOUDVO CLIENT user names, mail-forwarding information, and full contact information to help ensure a better client experience.
  5. CLOUDVO agrees to provide PARTNER with advance notice of day office, meeting and conference room reservations prior to the reserved time. If the room is not cancelled within 24 hours of the booking commencement, the full number of scheduled hours will be credited against the CLOUDVO CLIENT's allotment when a bundle of conference room hours is purchased. If the CLOUDVO CLIENT does not have an allotment of plan hours then CLOUDVO will compensate PARTNER with 50% of the booking fee, if the space is not cancelled within 24 hours of commencement of reservation. There will be no penalty for meeting or conference rooms cancelled prior to 24 hours from commencement of booking.
  6. CLOUDVO agrees, when applicable, to refer prospects seeking to PARTNER. In return, PARTNER agrees to compensate CLOUDVO with 10% of the total monthly fee contracted by the prospective client with PARTNER as a referral fee for any prospective client inquiry, made via CLOUDVO, which secures such space with PARTNER. This 10% referral fee will apply to the first 12 months of occupancy, or in the case of a virtual plan purchased directly with the partner, 10% of that monthly fee for the first 12 months of service.
  7. CLOUDVO agrees to terminate CLOUDVO CLIENT within 5 days of written notice, should CLOUDVO CLIENT use PARTNER's facilities for illegitimate business purposes, conducts any activity which is forbidden by law or hazardous, or conducts itself in such a manner as to impair the character, quiet enjoyment, reputation appearance or operation of PARTNER's business.
  1. Service Level Agreement per PARTNER
  1. PARTNER agrees to invoice CLOUDVO monthly for services rendered per this Agreement.
  2. PARTNER may provide variable, additional services to CLOUDVO CLIENT and agrees to enter variable service rates on CLOUDVO's website under the 'workspace provider' portal.
  3. PARTNER agrees to book Day Office, Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms for a minimum of one-hour for each booking.
  4. PARTNER will not, during the term of this Agreement, and for 12 months subsequent, solicit any CLOUDVO CLIENT for any services without the written consent of CLOUDVO.
  5. PARTNER will allow CLOUDVO to cancel Mail/Business Address and Conference Room Plans, immediately, at the point of written notice for each CLOUDVO CLIENT if CLOUDVO CLIENT defaults on payment or cancels service contract with CLOUDVO. CLOUDVO will pay the pro-rated share of monthly service until written notice of cancellation.
  6. PARTNER agrees to provide a broadband wireless access to CLOUDVO CLIENTS, included in the CLOUDVO discounted rate.
  1. Agreement per CLOUDVO and PARTNER
  1. Term: CLOUDVO and PARTNER each have the right to modify the terms of this Agreement with 30 days written notice sent by email or USPS.
  2. Termination: This Agreement may be terminated at any time by written Agreement of the parties. In such event, the parties shall give each other sufficient time to satisfy existing contracts, and to settle any outstanding business of the Agreement. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice of a material breach by the other party if said material breach has remained uncured for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery of written notice thereof to the breaching party. Upon termination of CLOUDVO CLIENT in good standing, CLOUDVO will allocate Partner a $45.00 termination fee, if requested, for any business address client to cover required forwarding of mail under CMRA rules.
  3. Price: PARTNER agrees to provide CLOUDVO a 25% discount off of its published retails rates for business address services and meeting room use. PARTNER agrees to provide a 50% discount of its published retail rate for a Day Office. A Day Office may be considered as any vacant, furnished, office in PARTNER's inventory. If PARTNER's retail rates change, PARTNER may edit the rate on CLOUDVO's online through their workspace provider portal. PARTNER should keep in mind that CLOUDVO may represent a number of business centers and locations in a region, and the more competitive the price, the more leads and therefore, the more "Wins" a CLOUDVO PARTNER will likely receive.
  4. Payments & Billing Cycle: CLOUDVO pays PARTNER via invoice. Invoices received by the 25th of the month will be mailed to PARTNER by the fifth day of the following month. Invoices received after the 25th will be paid and mailed at the next payment cycle from receipt of invoice, generally done run bi-weekly. CLOUDVO endeavors to pay PARTNER as expeditiously as possible, but will not be responsible for late fees.
  5. Restrictions: Without the consent of the other party, neither CLOUDVO nor PARTNER shall use the name of the other or imply in any way that their partnership extends beyond the bounds of this Agreement.
  6. Damages: PARTNER has the right to require CLOUDVO CLIENTS to sign a damage waiver prior to using the facilities, but it will be PARTNER's responsibility to collect directly from CLOUDVO CLIENTS for any damages occurred during or resulting from a CLOUDVO CLIENT's use of the PARTNER's facilities.
  7. Liability: Neither CLOUDVO or PARTNER shall assume liability of any issue arising from any other relationship between PARTNER and CLOUDVO beyond the relationship defined in this Agreement. CLOUDVO shall not be liable for any reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder on account of riots, explosion, acts of God, war, terror, governmental action, or any other cause, which is beyond reasonable control of CLOUDVO.
  8. Arbitration: If there is any controversy or claim arising out of, or relating to, this Agreement or the breach thereof, it shall be settled by Arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association and judgment upon the award rendered may be entered into any court having jurisdiction thereof.

Both CLOUDVO and PARTNER, by acknowledgment online, agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein.